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  Last Chance: September 26th is the Final Day to Enter the Camaro   Dream Giveaway

When we launched the 2017 Camaro Dream Giveaway brought to you by Lingenfelter Performance Engineering back in February of this year, we knew it was going to be big … really big. Here’s a look back at some of the milestones that our two grand-prize Camaros achieved this year.

• January 2017 – Our newest grand-prize Camaro, the 2017 Lingenfelter Signature Edition ZL1, appeared at the world-famous Detroit Auto Show and quickly became the critics’ favorite.

• February 2017 – The same Camaro appears at the Chicago Auto Show. Automobile magazine touts it as “Hot wheels that hurt the eyes.”

• July 2017 – Both grand-prize Camaros, the 1967 Rally Sport and the 2017 ZL1, score big on the September Super Chevy magazine cover with the headline, “50 Years of Innovation – Big Blocks to Blowers.

• August 2017 – Hot Rod magazine puts our 800hp 2017 Camaro on the cover of its October issue and feature it in five-page story called “Dream Test.”

Now it’s your turn to make history in these two ground-pounding Camaros, but time is running out.

75% bonus tickets to win this Hellcat

  On the Road: HellScat Reveal at the Mopar Nationals

Take the King of Drag Racing “Big Daddy” Don Garlits, add in the world’s only 1,000-plus horsepower HellScat and have Eddie Munster as your next-door neighbor, and you have the formula for a super-fun Mopar Nationals, Dream Giveaway style.

The Mopar Nationals is summertime’s favorite weekend for fans of Hemis, Challengers, ’Cudas, Superbees, and everything Pentastar. With over 15,000 attendees over the August 11-13, 2017, weekend, the Dream Giveaway Garage team put the pedal to the metal all weekend long.

2016 Mustang Dream Giveaway
1967 Shelby G.T. 350
2016 GT350 before modifications
The 2016 GT350 after custom modifications

It all started with a continuous loop of our newest video, “The History of the HellScat,” which explains how the 1,000-plus horsepower HellScat is a tribute to Dodge’s Scat Pack of the 1960s and 1970s.

On Saturday morning, the action heated up when “Big Daddy” Don Garlits revealed the world’s only HellScat and the matching Hemi ’70 Challenger. All weekend long, attendees checked out both Hemi Mopars and entered to win. Here are the Top 5 questions we heard from Mopar fans during the show.

Q: How does the HellScat make 1,000+ horsepower?
A: A 4.5L Whipple Supercharger and custom tuning from Hemi Performance!

Q: Did “Big Daddy” Don Garlits actually drive the HellScat?
A: Yes, he drove it during drag-strip testing and can’t wait to drive it again!

Q: Is the classic Hemi ’70 Challenger documented?
A: Yes, notable Mopar expert Dave Wise verified the grand-prize Challenger as a true Hemi car.

Q: Is the HellScat street legal?
A: Yes, it is a 100-percent street-legal vehicle.

Q: Where is the Hellcat X that we gave away in 2015?
A: It’s safely in the winner’s possession and he tells us he’s never going to sell it.


75% bonus tickets to win this Hellcat

  Brand New: Family Fun Dream Giveaway

Kelsey Tire Inc
Kelsey Tire Inc
Get $25 off every tire from Kelsey Tire
Get $25 off every tire from Kelsey Tire

If winning one-of-a-kind muscle cars isn’t enough, you also have a chance to win a magical week for four in the 2017 Family Fun Dream Giveaway. This brand-new giveaway will give one lucky winner and three guests an all-inclusive week for four at Walt Disney World® in Orlando, Florida.

With exhilarating attractions, live Broadway-style stage shows, enchanting Disney character experiences, and so much more, there’s something for everyone at the most magical place on earth. Get ready to be a kid again as you and your three guests travel the world at Epcot®, get enchanted at the Magic Kingdom®, go wild at Animal Kingdom®, and have a star-studded time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios®.

You’ll have seven luxurious days to relax and enjoy your all-inclusive trip for four. Don’t forget to stock up on plenty of unique, collectible souvenirs with your $2,500 in spending money! At the end of each dreamlike day you’ll be able to relax in your hotel on the Walt Disney property, where the magic never ends.

Enter now for your chance to win the trip of a lifetime in the 2017 Family Fun Dream Giveaway. You could be the next lucky winner!

Get $25 off every tire from Kelsey Tire

  Partner Spotlight: Original Parts Group Incorporated

By now, you’ve likely seen the eye-popping 1970 SS396 Chevelle that is the grand prize in our first Chevelle Dream Giveaway, brought to you by Original Parts Group Incorporated. Thanks to the restoration-parts experts at Original Parts Group, our time-capsule Chevelle looks like a dealer-showroom car from back in the day.

Restoring your own classic muscle car, regardless of make or model, can be easy with some advice from the experts and it all starts with the sheet metal. Let’s see Original Parts Groups’ best tips for getting your classic car’s sheet metal in tip-top shape.

1. Seek professional help.
If this is the first time you have attempted to replace or repair sheet metal on your project, seek professional help. Do not start cutting on your car without researching what is involved and the equipment required. The Internet has become an excellent resource in the form of forums, dedicated websites and thousands of Youtube videos that show step-by-step instructions. The number one best help to have is a person who has successfully replaced body panels looking over your shoulder – guiding and giving pointers.

2. Do not start cutting until you have the replacement panel as a reference. 
One of the biggest mistakes amateurs make when replacing panels is cutting away the old sheet metal before having the new panel as a reference. It’s very easy to cut away too much and then be left with gaps you will have to fill. Remember, not every square inch of sheet metal may be available and cutting into an area where there isn’t a replacement patch or panel to be had will require some fabricating.

3. Be careful not to warp the metal when welding.
When welding sheet metal, be mindful of how much heat is being put into a single spot. Jump around the seam while tacking and let the weld cool before moving back to a previously welded area. This will ensure even heat distribution and limit the chance of any of the metal warping.

4. Have the right tools available.
When replacing sheet metal, it makes all the difference in the world to have the right tools available. Not only is it more efficient, it’s also much less stressful. Cut-off wheels, grinders, spot weld drills, chisels, magnets, measuring tools and of course safety equipment are all essential in replacing body panels correctly the first time.

5. Support the body when changing structural panels.
Before an entire floor pan is cut out and removed, especially in a convertible, it’s necessary to reinforce the rest of the body by welding pieces of metal from the cowl to the door striker area and from side to side. This will maintain the structural rigidity of the body and ensure it won’t collapse in on itself before the new pan is welded in.

Click here to shop OPGI’s selection of sheet metal for your classic ride.

  Charity Spotlight: Smile Network International

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Smile Network International, a grant recipient of 2017 Dream Giveaways, is a non-profit organization, which changes the lives of impoverished children with cleft lips and palates by providing them with free surgeries.

Shiftin’ Gears recently sat down with the charity’s executive director Maureen Cahill and asked her to give our readers a look at how Smile Network changes lives.

“Meet Diego,” she said. “This little guy stole our hearts. Diego does not go to school. The kids bully and tease him because of his cleft lip. His only friends are his puppy and his five older adult siblings who watch over and protect him. He rarely lifts his chin from his chest so as to hide his deformity.”

“We met Diego in Puebla, Mexico. That afternoon on the ward, we were witness to one of the most tender moments we have ever seen on a surgical site, as each of his siblings took turns nursing him back to health following his surgery, spoon feeding him liquid … so much love for their little brother.

“As Diego left the hospital that day, we noticed his chin was not in his chest and he looked up and made eye contact for the first time. Diego now holds his head high and has a bright and brilliant future ahead of him.”

Visit www.dreamgiveaway.com today and make a donation to enter to win some amazing prize packages and help Smile Network International change children’s lives … with a smile. To learn more, visit www.smilenetwork.org.

  About the Editor: Christopher R. Phillip

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