Every month, Dream Giveaway Garage brings you a behind-the-scenes look at Dream Giveaway® grand-prizes, the charities that benefit from your donation, the companies that help us build the grand-prize cars, and the lucky winners!

  Introducing the World’s Only 1,000-Plus Horsepower HellScat

When Dodge introduced its Scat Pack cars way back in the 1968 model year, the world went crazy over the bumblebee stripes, six-pack hoods, and, of course, the HEMI engines. What better way is there to celebrate 50 years of Scat Pack history than a new custom Hellcat called the HellScat test driven by the biggest name in drag racing, “Big Daddy” Don Garlits?

The 1,000-plus horsepower HellScat is based on Dodge’s 707hp production Hellcat Challenger. Working with input from Don Garlits, Dream Giveaway Garage installed a massive 4.5-liter Whipple supercharger and tuned it for maximum power.

The HellScat is not a production vehicle. It is a one-off custom. Whoever wins it will have the only one in the world.

And there’s only one thing better than one HEMI in your garage. Two HEMIs in your garage. We’re talking about a super-rare 1970 HEMI Challenger, which is 1 of only 150 made back in the day. We’ve seen these 1970 HEMI Challengers go for up to $200,000 at auctions. Adding in the world’s only HellScat plus $45,000 for taxes makes the 2017 Challenger Dream Giveaway a priceless prize package that will never be repeated again.

75% bonus tickets to win this Hellcat

  We Can’t Believe it – A Smokey Wins the Bandit

2016 Mustang Dream Giveaway
1967 Shelby G.T. 350
2016 GT350 before modifications

Did you ever wonder how the winner for a Dream Giveaway is chosen? It’s simple. An independent auditing firm randomly chooses a lucky ticket number and we match it to our records to find out the name of the lucky winner.

Then, usually later in the afternoon on the same day, we call the winner and surprise him or her with the news of their good fortune.

This particular giveaway centered on Smokey and the Bandit and as almost all of you know, a Trans Am, which was always avoiding law enforcement. So it was quite the funny coincidence that during our call to Anthony Lanzilotti of New Jersey, the winner of the giveaway, he mentioned to us that he works in law enforcement – a true, real life Smokey. So when I called up Gene Kennedy, who happens to be Burt Reynolds’ promotion director, he busted out laughing and said, “That’s so funny. A Smokey won the Bandit.”

Dream Giveaway winners come from all walks of life. From the military we’ve handed over car keys to a USMC Brigadier General, a U.S. Navy Seal, a U.S. Army Sergeant and several veterans; from the private sector we’ve handed over car keys to a retired mail carrier, a UPS driver, a retired General Motors supervisor, a computer programmer, a retired county recorder, several doctors, a commercial refrigeration service mechanic, a construction worker and even an employee at a pickle-packing company.

Your chance to win your favorite giveaway is as good as anybody’s. We can’t wait to call you next.

75% bonus tickets to win this Hellcat

  Product Spotlight: Kelsey Tire, Inc.

Kelsey Tire Inc
Get $25 off every tire from Kelsey Tire

The next time you see period-correct Goodyear bias-ply or radial tires on a Dream Giveaway grand prize—such as the historic 1970 HEMI Challenger in the 2017 Challenger Dream Giveaway or the pedal-to-the-metal Bandit Trans Am that was in the 2017 Bandit Dream Giveaway starring Burt Reynolds—take our word for it. Those tires are there completely on purpose. Authenticity is paramount!

Remember your youthful desires for names such as Speedway Blue Streak, Wide Tread GT, Polyglas GT, Polysteel, Gatorback and many more? How does Dream Giveaway source these historic Goodyear names from the history of tires from yesterday? The answer is Kelsey Tire, Inc., of Camdenton, Missouri. They are the exclusive distributor for iconic, vintage Goodyear tires.

Take a trip down the automotive memory lane of tires. You will enjoy your visit with Kelsey Tire, Inc. as much as we did. John and Janice Kelsey and their staff are always available to assist you with the correct application for your vintage pride and joy. For a limited time, mention Dream Giveaway Garage, and Kelsey Tire will discount $25 off of every tire you purchase from them. That’s $100 for a set of four tires.

  Last Call: Shopping Spree Dream Giveaway Ends 10/31

2016 Big Game Dream Giveaway Winner
2016 Big Game Dream Giveaway Winner
2016 Big Game Dream Giveaway Winner

What would you buy with $10,000 to Amazon.com? You could treat yourself to just about anything your heart desires… but only if you enter the 2017 Shopping Dream Giveaway before it ends on October 31, 2017.

Will you stock up on new automotive tools or accessories? How about a treasure chest of the latest tech gear? It’s your choice!

Your $10,000 Amazon gift card never expires, so you can own the latest and greatest new toys for years to come. Upgrade your living room with a big-screen TV and even bigger sound system. Splurge on new golfing, camping, hunting, or hiking equipment. Make your home a smart home with voice-controlled devices.

If you enter and win, get ready to splurge with $10,000 to spend on absolutely anything at Amazon.com. But remember, you only have until October 31 to enter this incredible giveaway. Don’t miss out!

75% bonus tickets to win this Hellcat

  Charity Spotlight: National Guard Educational Foundation

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Erin McLaughlin of Mercer, Pennsylvania, lost her father on January 25, 2006, when she was only 10 years old. Lieutenant Colonel Michael Erich McLaughlin served 26 years in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and was killed that day by a suicide bomber at an Iraqi Police recruiting event in Ramadi. Eight years later in 2014, as she entered Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, the National Guard Educational Foundation was there for her.

Through its Leonardo DRS Guardian Scholarship Fund, Erin was awarded the first of four scholarships totaling $25,000. These awards are a small way to honor the service and sacrifice her family has made to our great nation.

Erin will graduate with a Biology and Secondary Education degree in May 2018.

The Leonardo DRS Guardian Scholarship Fund was created in 2011 to provide college scholarships to the children of National Guardsmen who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the Global War on Terrorism since 9/11. Nearly 800 Guardsmen have been lost in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11, leaving more than 1,000 children.

Since 2011, the fund has made 65 awards totaling more than $250,000.

Thanks to Dream Giveaway, the National Guard Educational Foundation has been able to ensure that every single cent donated to the fund goes directly to the children of our fallen National Guard heroes.

Visit www.dreamgiveaway.com today and make a donation to enter to win some amazing prize packages and help National Guard Educational Foundation help the children of those who served our country. To learn more, visit www.ngef.org

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