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We Explore Some of the Coolest Features of the Hellcat’s Cockpit Controls

By Christopher R. Phillip

It’s easy to fall in love with Dream Giveaway Garage’s one-of-a-kind, grand-prize Dodge Challenger HellScat. As you may expect from a 1,000-plus horsepower muscle car, most of industry’s accolades on the HellScat have been directed toward the two-door’s extraordinary performance.

Thankfully, controlling the brutal power of the HellScat is a task not just assigned to the accelerator pedal. For that, we turn our attention to the vehicle’s instrument panel. Without compromise, it plays a pivotal role in the monitoring and control of vehicle performance.

Gone are the days when a tachometer was the fanciest upgrade a muscle car ever saw. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat includes a heritage speedometer and Tic-Toc tach , which sit alongside a 7-inch reconfigurable Driver Information Digital Cluster Display. It is the DIDCD, which is the focus of this story, as it brings muscle-car instrumentation to a new level.

Let’s take a look at some of the niftiest features of the HellScat’s DIDCD.


Digital retro-style gauges. These are one of our favorite features. Scroll through a dozen digitally rendered, retro-styled gauges, including coolant temp, trans temp, oil temp, oil pressure, oil life, battery voltage, air intake temp, engine torque, engine power (limited to 750 hp, darn!), air-fuel ratio, boost pressure, and intercooler coolant temp.

Performance Timers: Not surprising, the Hellcat’s performance menu has a 0-60mph timer including a countdown start, plus 200 and 400 meter timers, braking distance, current g-forces, peak g-forces, lap timer, lap history, and top speed.

Á la Modes: We love the ability to choose from track, sport, custom, eco or default street modes. Modify maximum engine horsepower, transmission settings, turn on/off paddle shifters, and dial in suspension all from the steering wheel controls.

Launch Control: Select launch speed from 1,500 to 3,500 rpm and floor the pedal. This feature makes foot braking and loading a stall speed a thing of the past.

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