What makes this 1 of 28 Dodge Viper Stand Out?

By Christopher R. Phillip

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have a Dodge Viper in your garage (most of us haven’t), you know how special the two-seat speed machine is. For the rest of us, we’ve had to carry on in our lives with more mundane transportation. Yet even among Viper owners, there is one limited edition Viper that commands unanimous respect. That’s the 1:28 Laguna Seca Viper, which was built during the Viper’s last production year.

The 1:28 edition features some substantial callouts to separate it from a standard Viper.

First to catch your eyes is the black exterior and painted rear wing with red ACR stripes, a pair of 1:28 Edition exterior fender decals and a serialized instrument-panel 1:28 Edition badge. The package cost $11,000.

Next up is the Extreme Aero Package, identified by “a removable front splitter extension, an adjustable dual-element rear wing, four dive planes, six removable diffuser strakes, removable brake ducts, and hood louvers that can be popped out to decrease air pressure in the wheel wells,” says our friends at Car and Driver magazine. The option package retailed for $6,900.

Another pricy package, the ACR interior, Alcantara leather with red accent stitching, added an additional $6,000 to the price of the vehicle.

With all those upgrades, it’s no wonder the production run of only 28 Vipers sold out in a lickety-split 40 minutes.

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