We Check in with the Grand Prize Cars of the 2018 Corvette Dream Giveaway

By Christopher R. Phillip

We sure do miss our grand-prize Corvettes, which are up at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering in Detroit, Michigan, getting ready for a slew of car shows this summer. We’ve asked Ken Lingenfelter to shoot a series of short videos for us until the vehicles come back to Dream Giveaway Garage in Clearwater, Florida

Ken is one of the nation’s leading Corvette experts and his facility is known for its excellent work on all General Motors vehicles. As the “brought to you by” partner of the 2018 Corvette Dream Giveaway, Ken’s shop plays a key role in the Corvettes that you’ll bring home if you’re the winner. His trained engineers and technicians will work extensively on both grand-prize cars with their focus being maximum horsepower.


The restomod 1965 Sting Ray will see its output bump from 500 to 550 hp. And the new 2018 Corvette Grand Sport, 460 hp from the factory, will see a power surge up to 600 hp.

Of course, if you’re the winner, you can bring these Corvettes back to Ken for more power upgrades. We left plenty of room for more horsepower for you in these Corvettes’ naturally aspirated engines. Why just adding a supercharger to your new Corvettes could bring the power up to over 700 horsepower.

Even if you don’t modify these two Corvettes further, you’ll enjoy the best driving Corvettes in Corvette Dream Giveaway history. If you’ve ever dreamt of taking a classic Corvette out on the open road, the restomod 1965 Sting Ray in this giveaway is a perfect choice with its LS3 engine, fuel injection, Vintage Air A/C system and power windows and door locks. Heck, it would even make the coolest daily driver in your entire town.

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