Roar of the Hemi

By Christopher R. Phillip

These days, putting a classic Hemi-powered Dodge muscle car through a battery of brutal road tests in unthinkable. We’re content hearing the sound of the Hemi at idle or on a nice, comfortable cruise to a car show. But beating on it, well, that’s just not going to happen.

But back in the day, when 426 Hemis were in new car showrooms, the car magazines weren’t afraid to put their Hemi-on-loan through the torture test.

That’s what makes this video so much fun to watch. A professional driver on a closed course interrogates a Hemi Charger 500 to within an inch of its life … all for a 14-second e.t. in the quarter mile.

We’d sure love to put the Dream Giveaway Garage grand-prize 1970 Hemi Challenger to this sort of abuse, but we’d never hear the last of it, would we? No worries, our TorRed Red Challenger is waiting patiently in our showroom for you to win it.

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