So How Wide are the Dodge Viper’s Tires?

By Christopher R. Phillip

In our previous installment, we measured the tire-tread width on a classic Dodge Challenger and a modern Hellcat. It was no surprise that the 2017 Challenger had the wider width at 10-inches.

So this time we’re putting the Hellcat, we call it the HellScat, against another Dodge product—the 2017 Viper ACR.

Honestly, we thought the Challenger would have wider tires. Were we right?


First we took a tape measure to the front tires of the Dodge Viper. With the hood hinged forward, we had easy access to the top of the rubber. Our jaws dropped when we saw that it measured 12-inches from edge to edge. (The official tire size of 295 mm converts to 11.6 inches.

Were we ever in a shock when we took the same tape measure to the back tires. A whopping 13 inches of tire tread width. (The official tire size of 335 mm converts to 13.16 inches.

Don’t expect your daily driver rubber to have this sort of track. That’s because the Kumho Ecsta 720 rubber was made exclusively for the Viper.

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