Is There Anything More Fun Than Window Sticker Shopping?

Top of the Line Muscle for $3,800?

By Christopher R. Phillip

How much high performance does $3,800 buy?

These days, not that much.

Back in 1965, however, $3,800 could have bought for you a brand-new Pontiac GTO with Tri-Power 389 engine, 4-speed and a whole lot of other options.

That’s why looking at classic muscle car window stickers are a lot of fun.

It seems everything was cheaper except … you guessed it … the AM radio, a whopping $65 investment.

In today’s blog video, we show you the window sticker for the old-school 1965 GTO that we’re giving away in the GTO Dream Giveaway.

Our favorite option is the Tri-Power 389 engine for $180.

What’s yours?

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