A Very Special Key Unlocks Horsepower on the Dodge Hellcat

By Christopher R. Phillip

Five hundred or one-thousand horsepower?

Which is better?

If you’re driving, you might say 1,000 horsepower.

But what if you loaned your grand-prize Dodge Challenger Hellcat, we call it the HellScat, to a friend or family. Would you let them tool around town in that much power?

The engineers at Dodge already thought that one through for you.

Every Dodge Challenger or Charger Hellcat is delivered with a red key and a black key. Here’s the secret.

To get full horsepower, you need to have the red key in the Hellcat when you press the push button start.

Without it, the Challenger Hellcat is limited to 500 horsepower.

So if Grandma wants to borrow your new HellScat, which key will you give her?

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