Lucky Guy Scores The Ultimate Jeep

Winner, Winner! Take the Jeep to Dinner

By Christopher R. Phillip

The staff at Dream Giveaway Garage convened around a large conference table in Clearwater, Florida, last week to call the winner of the 2018 Ultimate Jeep Dream Giveaway.

Then at 3 pm on last Thursday, they made the call to the winner. Would he be home? Would he flip out?

As the winner-call video with this blog shows, Doug Himes, the grand-prize winner of the Ultimate Jeep Dream Giveaway, was excited, surprised and a true Jeep lover

I’ll get to meet Doug in person at the Eastwood Summer Classic in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, on July 28, 2018, when he receives the keys to his new ultimate Jeep.

Dream Giveaway Garage wants you to be there, too. Go to to get more details on this huge car show.

Doug says he will drive his Dream Giveaway grand-prize Jeep home to Virginia, about a 3-hour drive.

Dream Giveaway will resume its award ceremonies at its Clearwater, Florida, facility with the Challenger Dream Giveaway in late-July 2018.

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