Every month, Dream Giveaway Garage brings you a behind-the-scenes look at Dream Giveaway® grand-prizes, the charities that benefit from your donation, the companies that help us build the grand-prize cars, and the lucky winners!
  New Giveaway: Tesla Model S P100D Performance Sedan
The new Tesla Model S P100D may be advertised as a performance luxury sedan, but one excursion behind the steering wheel and you’ll be calling it a muscle car. We couldn’t believe the insane power and performance of the P100D here in the Dream Giveaway Garage until we took it out on the street and then to the track.

Zero to 60 in less than 2.3 seconds. Zero to 100 mph in 6.5 seconds. Quarter mile in 10.5 seconds at 125 mph.

Imagine never having to stop at a gas station for gas … ever.

If you’re a regular Joe, a Tesla Model S P100D is out of your budget. Not any more!

In our brand-new Tesla Dream Giveaway, make your donation to help seven great charities and we’ll put you in the running to fly to Clearwater, Florida, where we’ll hand you the keys to a brand-new Tesla Model S P100D with stylish upgrades by Dream Giveaway Garage. We’ll even give you — if you’re the winner — a Tesla home charger.

So get a charge out of driving again.

  Ending Soon: Ultimate Toolkit Dream Giveaway®
Can you name 10 tools that you can’t live without? How about 100 tools you can’t live without?

That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the treasure trove of tools you’ll bring home if you’re the lucky winner of our first Ultimate Toolkit Dream Giveaway.

In cooperation with NAPA Auto Parts, we’ve put together over 400 hand tools, specially selected power tools, and automotive accessories like a wheeled battery charger and a 3-ton service jack and stands. Plus you’ll bring home a Homak 72-inch-long pro roller cabinet and separate service cart. All in all, it’s over $10,000 worth of tools and accessories.

Time is running out. October 30th is the last date to enter. Don’t be “that guy” who doesn’t have enough tools to do the job right.









  Winner Spotlight: GTO Dream Giveaway®
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Dream Giveaway winners come from all walks of life. That adage proved true once again when Fred Soja of New Boston, Michigan, picked up the phone and learned he was the winner of the GTO Dream Giveaway brought to you by Ames Performance.

“After I got the call that I had won the 2018 GTO Dream Giveaway it took a few days for it to actually register,” he said. “I would just sit in bed at night and say to myself: Is it really me? Did I really win?

“When I told my brother, I think he was even more excited then I was. He couldn’t wait to tell all the neighbors and he was on the phone for a few hours with some different people. It was a like a brush fire the news just kept spreading.”

Due to health concerns, Dream Giveaway flew Fred’s representative, Barry, to Clearwater, Florida, this month to accept the keys on Fred’s behalf to the concours-restored GTO that one concours judge described as “one of the nicest in the country.”

Are you ready to be the next big Dream Giveaway winner? Are you ready for us to fly you to Clearwater, Florida to get the keys to a fantastic grand-prize package? Current giveaways include two Corvettes, two Mustangs, a classic Chevelle, a new Tesla Model S P100D, the ultimate Jeep and a whole lot more.

  Partner Spotlight: CJ Pony Parts
Do you wonder where the best OE-quality restoration parts for Ford Mustangs come from? How about where to find genuine performance parts for your late-model Mustang? If so, then it’s time for us to introduce you to our friends at CJ Pony Parts—a long-time partner of the Mustang Dream Giveaway.

When people think CJ Pony Parts, they think Ford Mustang restoration and performance. From 1964-1/2 to present, CJ’s carries everything from stock replacement parts to huge upgrades to take your build from lean to mean. With over 30 years in the industry, CJ Pony Parts has established itself as a major player in the automotive-aftermarket industry with 150,000-plus square feet of warehouse space. CJ Pony Parts is proud to partner up with Dream Giveaway for the 2018 Mustang Dream Giveaway with two of the hottest Mustangs out there … that could be yours!

CJ Pony Parts is not only your go-to source for anything and everything Mustang and EcoBoost, they also offer a wide range of products for Jeep Wrangler, Ford F-150, Ford Focus, Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge Ram along with classic Bronco, F-100, and C10! CJ’s is well known in the car world for their in-depth how-to videos and informative resource-center articles, which deliver top-notch information to the customer before making a decision on your next modification. The CJ team is chock full of enthusiasts just like you who are available to answer your questions, comments and concerns. Whether you’re driving a brand-new Mustang or running a ground-up restoration, be sure to look to CJ Pony Parts for your next automotive upgrade!

Visit CJ Pony Parts online at www.cjponyparts.com. Please tell them that Dream Giveaway’s Shiftin’ Gears sent you.

  Charity Spotlight: Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Dream Giveaway is proud to support Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in all of our sweepstakes. This month, we asked MADD to tell us about one of its Help Line volunteers.

“Until we reach a day of No More Victims®, MADD and our volunteers will be here – answering calls and comforting victims of drunk and drugged driving crashes,” an organization spokesperson tells us. “Last year, MADD served over 15,000 victims, providing over 206,000 services to help victims navigate their healing journey. We couldn’t do this without dedicated volunteers like victim advocate Bob Nulman and passionate donors like you.

“Bob Nulman has dedicated countless hours to MADD’s 24-hour helpline. Here’s his why.

My phone rings in the middle of the night. Sometimes there’s been a drunk driving crash just hours before, and the caller has just learned that their loved one isn’t coming home. Sometimes it’s been years since the crash, and the caller just can’t sleep that night—thinking, grieving.

In either case, I’m there to pick up, because I’m a MADD Help Line volunteer. And that call I’m getting was me 20 years ago. I lost my son Danny to a drunk driver in 1987. I called MADD and was welcomed with open arms. Losing my son was devastating, but their support gave me hope.

My son Danny had been riding in a car with four of his friends when a drunk driver hit them head on, killing all five of them. Danny was just 22 years old and three months away from graduating college. He was loved by so many, as smart as can be, just ready to go out into the world. He never got the chance to live his life.

I promised myself I’d do something positive in Danny’s honor. Now, I work MADD’s Help Line. I take the night shift every Friday and Saturday. I work with 19 other volunteers, including my daughter Kim, Danny’s sister. We believe in the Help Line because we see it making a difference. At the end of the call, the callers are grateful. “Thank you,” they say, “you have no idea how much you’ve helped me.”

“Sadly, Bob’s story isn’t unique. Each year, over 10,000 people are killed and over 200,000 injured in drunk driving crashes. All are 100 percent preventable. These crashes devastate lives. MADD is here to help them pick up the pieces.

“We can’t thank Dream Giveaway enough for connecting you with our mission. Your donation isn’t just a chance to win. It’s a comforting voice when a victim calls our helpline. It’s a trained volunteer that will help survivors survive.

“If you or a loved one has been impacted by a drunk or drugged driving crash, please feel free to call MADD’s 24 Hour Helpline at 1-877-MADD-HELP or 1-877-623-3435.”

  About the Editor: Christopher R. Phillip

Christopher R. Phillip is the former senior associate editor of Vette magazine, the editor of High Performance Pontiac magazine and his feature stories and photography have appeared in well known, national automotive-enthusiast magazines, including Hot Rod, Car Craft, Mustang Driver and others. In addition he is a top-rated celebrity interviewer with published articles on Burt Reynolds, Jack LaLanne, Frank Zappa, Carlos Santana, and many others.