Every month, Dream Giveaway Garage brings you a behind-the-scenes look at Dream Giveaway® grand-prizes, the charities that benefit from your donation, the companies that help us build the grand-prize cars, and the lucky winners!
  Ending Soon: Super Truck Dream Giveaway®









Will the muscle truck ever replace the muscle car? If it does, then our vote is for the Dream Giveaway “Haulcat,” a 707hp, Hellcat-powered Ram 1500 4×4 that’s quicker than both the Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcat.

The Haulcat features a genuine Dodge Hellcat crate engine, American Racing Headers exhaust, Lloyd Mats floor mats, embroidered headrests, and not-so-subtle graphics you can see from a quarter-mile away.

In recent dyno testing, the grand-prize Haulcat put 700 horsepower to the rear wheels. And since the Haulcat has user-selectable four-wheel drive, one trip down the drag strip means both the front and rear wheels can transfer the extreme power of the Hellcat engine to the pavement.

Time is running out for you to put the “Haulcat” Ram 4×4 in your garage. You only have until November 27, 2018 to get over to www.dreamgiveaway.com and enter.

  Brand New: Ultimate Jeep Dream Giveaway®

A Jeep isn’t a Corvette. A Corvette isn’t a Jeep? Right? All that changes with the Ultimate Jeep Dream Giveaway brought to you by Bruiser Conversions. Dream Giveaway Garage commissioned the build of a brand-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler powered by a Corvette LS3 engine.

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler “Hero Edition” is the first of its kind. It celebrates the legacy of the many proud Americans, both military and civilian, who have relied on rugged Jeeps to save lives and live life to its fullest. If you’ve ever thought, “One day I’ll own a Jeep like this,” now is your chance.

This rugged Jeep is more than capable to conquer surface roads and slickrock, cross forest streams as easy as city intersections, and climb 60-degree inclines as simple as highway on-ramps.

Modifications include a 450hp LS engine conversion, custom aluminum armor package, Ultimate Dana 60 axles and 40-inch tires and wheels. Click here to see the full list of upgrades.

A Jeep this strong takes the nation’s top Jeep conversion experts months to build, but you can skip the line when you enter to win it in the Ultimate Jeep Dream Giveaway. Enter often and increase your chances of winning.

  Winner Spotlight: Viper Dream Giveaway®
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Winning a Dream Giveaway is a life changer.

The most recent example is 58-year-old Kevin Bilodeau from Massachusetts — the winner of the Viper Dream Giveaway.

Kevin joins an elite group of 28 guys on planet earth lucky enough to own a 2017 1:28 edition Dodge Viper ACR sports car. It is all because he first made a generous donation to help out seven charities in a Dream Giveaway.

“When I first got the call that I had won I didn’t think it was real,” he said. “When it finally sunk in, it just felt incredible. I have never won anything like this. When I told my family, they thought I was pulling their leg at first.”

“I think it is great that my donation helped so many different charities,” Kevin went on to say. “A lot of my family members are veterans, including my father, my uncles, and my brother so when I saw that some of the charities helped veterans that was one of the reasons I decided to enter.”

Dream Giveaway will fly Kevin to Clearwater, Florida, to accept the keys to the grand-prize Dodge Viper and $40,000 toward the taxes.

Now it’s your turn. Are you ready to be the next big Dream Giveaway winner? There are plenty of other incredible prize packages for you to enter to win, including two Corvettes, two Mustang Bullitts, a 707hp Ram “Haulcat,” a fully restored 1970 Chevelle SS, a Tesla Model S P100D and a whole lot more.

  Partner Spotlight: Painless Performance

When Dream Giveaway Garage needs custom wiring for an automobile project, we turn to our good friends at Painless Performance Products.

From humble beginnings, Painless Performance Products began producing wiring harnesses one at a time by hand in a storage unit in 1990. Co-founder Dennis Overholser had spent decades as a street rodder, helping friends wire their rides. After years of using the limited options available, Dennis sought to simplify street-rod wiring, and that is exactly what he did.

Painless Performance is now an industry-leading electrical manufacturer, utilizing a state-of-the-art, 43,000-square-foot headquarters to provide street rodders, muscle-car drivers, off-road lovers, and others American-made wiring solutions. While production continues to increase each year, quality control is priority, with every Painless chassis or EFI harness covered by a lifetime warranty.

While Painless has grown substantially in 28 years, the true enthusiast mentality still is as prevalent as it was in the early days. The staff lives and breathes everything automotive, and on any given day you can find their classics or off-road rigs in the parking lot.

Painless Performance is “American Made and American Proud since 1990.”

Visit Painless Performance online at www.painlessperformance.com. Please tell them that Dream Giveaway’s Shiftin’ Gears sent you.

  Charity Spotlight: Smile Network, Inc.

When you enter a Dream Giveaway, a portion of your generous donation helps Smile Network, Inc., an international non-profit based in the United States dedicated to correcting childhood facial deformities in underdeveloped countries.

In this issue of Shiftin’ Gears, we asked Smile Network, Inc. to share the sorrow-to-joy story of one child who had a life-changing surgery thanks to your donation.

Meet David Morales.

In developing countries, a baby born with a cleft is considered a curse for the family and the village. The belief is the livestock and crops will die if the child remains in the village.

Lucilla was living in a remote mountain community of Peru when her third child was born with a cleft lip. Her husband and in-laws demanded she take David to a field and leave him to die. Lucilla only saw David as beautiful. To save her son, she courageously left the only home she had ever known. Lucilla and David passed through countless villagers until she learned of an upcoming Smile Network surgical mission.

David was only four months old when they arrived at the regional hospital in Cusco, Peru. That day the Smile Network surgeons were able to erase David’s curse and reveled his remarkable smile.. This was possible because of someone like you.

A year after his surgery, we visited David in his mountain village high in the Andes. Lucilla was reunited with her husband and her family was complete again. David is now a healthy little boy thanks to the generosity of someone like you.

Head on over to www.dreamgiveaway.com and make a generous donation on your favorite prize package. You’ll be putting a smile on children’s faces … and on yours, too.

  About the Editor: Christopher R. Phillip

Christopher R. Phillip is the former senior associate editor of Vette magazine, the editor of High Performance Pontiac magazine and his feature stories and photography have appeared in well known, national automotive-enthusiast magazines, including Hot Rod, Car Craft, Mustang Driver and others. In addition he is a top-rated celebrity interviewer with published articles on Burt Reynolds, Jack LaLanne, Frank Zappa, Carlos Santana, and many others.