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  Ending Soon: Corvette Dream Giveaway®

Corvette Dream Giveaway Ends In








When Dream Giveaway Garage began top-secret planning for the 2019 Corvette Dream Giveaway a year ago, we didn’t know that we’d be giving away the last front-engine Corvette model ever produced. But with Chevrolet’s announcement of the mid-engine Corvette, which they say is due out early next year, that’s exactly what happened.

So we’ve made it even easier for you to bring home the Corvette that you want. Get your entries today and you can choose from a pair of Corvette bookends, as I like to call them — a fully restored restomod 1961 Corvette paired with a Lingenfelter-prepped 2019 Corvette ZR1 or a check made out to you for $100,000 to sock away in the bank so you can go into your Chevy dealer and pay cash for a brand new 2020 mid-engine Corvette when they become available next year.

Either way you play it, these two options make the 2019 Corvette Dream Giveaway the best one ever.

But time is running out. There are only days left for you to get your entries in before the sweepstakes ends at midnight on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2019.

Head on over to Dreamgiveaway.com and load up on Corvette Dream Giveaway entries right now. After all, you do want the choice of putting a sweet set of front engine Corvettes or a brand-new 2020 mid-engine Corvette in your garage, don’t you?

Behind The Scenes: 2020 Jeep Dream Giveaway
 There’s a whole lot to love about the BLKMTN Jeep that you can enter to win in the new Jeep Dream Giveaway.

We asked Dream Giveaway Garage’s Boomer Ferguson what he loves on this grand-prize Jeep.

Here they are:

Boomer’s Five Favorite Things About the BLKMTN Jeep

  1. The work on the Jeep is very high quality.  The lift kit is tight, the new custom fenders are super cool, and the Jeep drives very well.  It all works very well together and gives the jeep a rugged, muscular look.
  2. The custom front and rear bumpers are nice BLKMTN pieces.  The front bumper also includes an 8,000 lb. winch.
  3. The interior modifications are very well done and I love the new seats.
  4. The wheels and tires are a great combo.  The wheels are 17-inch Mopars with red-accented bead locker rings and the tires are 37-inch All-Terrains.  It handles as well on the road as it does off, and the red light kit and rock lights are a great touch.
  5. The Superchips Pulsar installed on this jeep really wakes up the 3.6 Liter engine.  It adds about 30 horsepower, and has a host of great features to include the ability to adjust for larger wheels and tires.

Now it’s your turn. Four-wheel it over to www.dreamgiveaway.com and get your entries to win this BLKMTN Jeep today.

“My son, my wife and my neighbors all thought I bought another car because I was actually looking at a 64 GTO Convertible two weeks prior at a car show. They didn’t believe I actually won the car until they saw it online.”

Those are the words of Ken Duncan of Georgia, the winner of the recent GTO Dream Giveaway.

Convincing his inner circle that he had scored the keys and the title to a concours-restored 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge might have been an uphill battle, but Ken was a whole lot easier to turn into a Dream Giveaway true believer.

You see, one of the fantastic perks of winning a Dream Giveaway is travelling to Clearwater, Florida — expenses paid, of course — to collect the grand prize. So when Ken spent a day at the Dream Giveaway Garage getting to know his grand-prize classic muscle car, any doubt he may have had as to its validity quickly vanished.

No wonder previous winners are amongst Dream Giveaway’s most vocal supporters.

“I was absolutely elated,” Ken says. “It is still one of those things where you stand back and go I almost don’t believe this is really happening right now. It was really great to meat the Dream Giveaway team and I loved coming down to the Dream Giveaway Garage.”

Now it’s your turn to join Dream Giveaway’s roster of over 60 grand-prize winners since 2008.

Make your generous donation today on 10 amazing grand-prize packages. Remember you’ll get a tax-deduction for 2019 when you donate before December 31, 2019.

  Partner Spotlight: Carbuff Network

Something new for car buffs …

Are you looking for a new website that goes behind the scenes of the automotive aftermarket industry?

Maybe a social-media channel that’s a one-stop source for all things automotive and nothing else?

Well, here it is — CarBuffNetwork.com. So what is CarBuff Network (CB)? It’s a website and hybrid social media platform that connects automotive enthusiasts, manufacturers, shops (car builders), services and organizations. What makes CB hybrid? Besides being a standalone website where everything is accessible, car buffs can opt-in and create a free enthusiast account that’s tailored to their interests — including market segments, brands and organizations. Additionally, events, vehicle builds and builders as well as the companies who created the products can be followed.

Get an inside look into the automotive industry — see several of the cars that were on display at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and other venues across the country. Find out who built them and whose products are on the builds.

Enthusiasts are welcome to showcase their vehicles and share their car/truck’s story on the network. It’s a great place to get ideas, find products for your project and even find a shop to build or help with the next project.

Follow Dream Giveaway on CarBuff Network and view the amazing giveaway vehicles along with the details of the builds and links to the manufacturers. Also view Dream Giveaway winner announcements and new giveaways.

For more information, visit carbuffnetwork.com and please tell them you read about them in Dream Giveaway’s Shiftin’ Gears.

  Charity Spotlight: Bright Pink
When you enter to win the world’s greatest prize packages at DreamGiveaway.com, a portion of your donation benefits the non-profit organization Bright Pink. We recently checked in with this worthwhile charity and asked them to discuss the subject of volunteerism.

“Bright Pink’s network of volunteer ambassadors is an integral part of our team,” a company spokeswoman says. “Comprised of 50+ young women across 25 states, Bright Pink ambassadors work to amplify our prevention message in their communities.  Our ambassadors all share a strong connection to the organization’s mission based on their personal health experience and desire to be champions for women’s health.”

Bright Pink’s goal is for each volunteer to have a meaningful, rewarding, and fun experience while helping the women to be proactive about their breast and ovarian health. Ambassadors have the opportunity to engage year-round in a variety of ways, including:

  • Bringing Bright Pink’s signature breast and ovarian health workshop, the “Brighten Up,” to their workplaces, schools, social clubs, and places of worship.
  • Activating digitally via social channels to amplify Bright Pink’s various public-awareness campaigns at key moments including Mother’s Day, Call Your Doctor Day, and Ovarian and Breast Cancer Awareness Months
  • Tabling at events, conferences, and health fairs to raise awareness of Bright Pink and connect the public with our information and resources
  • Sharing their personal stories of prevention through blog posts, media interviews, and Bright Pink social channels
  • Providing peer support for women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer through Bright Pink’s online support community
  • Supporting Bright Pink’s mission philanthropically and encouraging others to do the same!

“Most of the women in my family have been impacted by breast cancer, including my mom, grandmother, and aunts on my paternal side—so it became something to expect. [I’ve realized] our power is in knowledge, and there are things we can all do to reduce our personal risk and aim for prevention.”⁠

— Lizzy Zawy, Bright Pink Ambassador, Connecticut

Visit www.dreamgiveaway.com today and make a donation to enter to win some amazing prize packages. When you do so, you’ll be helping Bright Pink fund its very important services to women. For more information on how you can become an ambassador, email Sherese Jones, Brand & Community Manager, at sherese@brightpink.org.

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