Every month, Dream Giveaway Garage brings you a behind-the-scenes look at Dream Giveaway® grand-prizes, the charities that benefit from your donation, the companies that help us build the grand-prize cars, and the lucky winners!

  New Giveaway: Subaru STI S209 Dream Giveaway®

Sure, Dream Giveaway is known from coast to coast for its amazing muscle-car grand-prizes, but when a phenomenal new vehicle comes around and changes how we look at horsepower and performance, well, let’s just say it’s time to give one away.

That’s the ballistic backstory behind the first-ever Subaru Dream Giveaway, offering you the chance to win a limited-edition Subaru STI S209 sports sedan.

Now if your idea of Subaru is the Forester and the Outlander, we humbly ask you to hear us out. This new Subaru STI S209 is entirely different … and so incredible that only 209 vehicles, all for the United States exclusively, will ever be built.

If you’re a devotee of horsepower and performance, you owe it to yourself to check out the specs of the grand-prize Subaru STI S209 at www.dreamgiveaway.com/dg/subaru. And if you’re already a devotee of Subaru Techica International and its eight previous generations of street-legal fun machines, then you already know that the S209 has a special place in your heart.

Now without further ado, it is time to make a special place in your garage for this limited-edition Subaru STI S209, number 153 of 209 built.

Ending Soon: Chevelle Dream Giveaway®

Chevelle Dream Giveaway Ends In








Raise your hand if you wish Detroit, Michigan, still pumped out classic American iron like the legendary 1970 LS6 Chevelle SS454. (Trust me, I’m raising my hand, too!) Sure, today’s muscle cars like the Hellcat and the Shelby GT500 bring performance to a level we could only dream of back in the day, but nothing beats the visceral feeling of opening the door to a classic Chevelle, saddling up behind the Sport wheel and putting your fist around the familiar shifter, which puts you in command of the Muncie “Rock Crusher” four-speed transmission.

Then there’s the sensual sound of a 450hp, 454 cubic-inch, four-barrel engine kicking you back into your seat to the tune of 500 lb-ft of torque. If your pulse is pounding like a jackhammer by now, that means you’re a true muscle-car fan from as way back as you can remember, and that’s a good thing, a really good thing.

So listen up when I tell you that the grand-prize 1970 Chevelle SS454 we’re giving away really soon is the most incredible Chevelle we have ever had the pleasure to park in the Dream Giveaway Garage.

If you’re like me, you’ve dreamed most of your life of a Chevelle this nice in your garage. So hurry up, you only have a few days left to enter to win this LS6-powered, four-speed 1970 Chevelle SS454 and the time clock with this article will tell you exactly how many days, hours and minutes remain for you to ramp up your entries.

The last day to enter is midnight on April 30th and we’ll call the winner on or about May 15. Click here –  and get your entries now.

Winning this concours-restored 1970 Chevelle SS454 could be the most incredible event you can ever imagine, so be sure to get your entries now. Good luck!

Winner Spotlight: Focus RS Dream Giveaway®

For the first time since we’ve hosted live award ceremonies in the Dream Giveaway Garage (that’s almost five years now), we had to adjust, just like the rest of the country, to the realities of the Coronavirus situation. That meant sending a grand-prize out the door without meeting the winner in person.

Of course, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, but once we saw the home video of Ed Andre checking out his grand-prize 450 horsepower 2017 Ford Focus RS rolling down off of the transporter rig, we knew that all is well that ends well.

Watch the video and you’ll see Ed’s surprise when he goes one-on-one with this amazing, grand-prize street machine for the first time. We love it when he says, “I’ve got to drive it. All I was trying to do was help out some veterans and some kids.”

“I am so blessed. I am so happy.” That’s what he says.

Ed just can’t wait to get his arm out of that sling and start zipping around in his grand-prize courtesy of Dream Giveaway and he says he has lots of experience, being a big muscle-car fan back in the 1970s.

Now it’s your turn. Head on over to www.dreamgiveaway.com and pick a prize package to change your life – two Corvettes, two Shelbys, a limited-edition Subaru STI 209, Burt Reynolds’ favorite Trans Am (autographed, of course), a Bronco, a Jeep, a Tesla and a Ram Powerwagon paired with a ’70 AAR Cuda. Plus, keep watching our website closely because we have another great giveaway starring “Big Daddy” Don Garlits launching on May 3, 2020.

Get ready to be out next big Dream Giveaway winner. Take our word for it. It could happen to you.

  Charity Spotlight: Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries

When you enter a Dream Giveaway with your generous donation, an unrestricted grant allows Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM) to continue its important mission to help the unfortunate of Motor City. We’re not the only ones who embrace the importance of this 100-plus year old charity. So does one of Detroit’s most respected journalists.

In early 2012, the Henry Ford Health Systems honored DRMM president and CEO, Dr. Chad Audi, at its MLK event that had as keynote speaker well-known journalist Bankole Thompson And that well-attended event flagged off a remarkable relationship between DRMM and Thompson, a presidential author, Detroit News columnist and host of weekday show Redline on Superstation 910AM, who uses his powerful platforms to advocate for the less fortunate in society.

A few years later, DRMM launched the Bankole Thompson Fund for Veterans and Teen Moms, which raised over $50,000 in about three months, riding on the strength of the Thompson brand.

Besides, Thompson has been a regular speaker at DRMM annual graduation banquet that draws many community leaders and advocates.

Dream Giveaway recognizes the tremendous help Thompson has provided to DRMM’s mission. Your help, through your donation to win your favorite grand-prizes, is just as valuable. On behalf of this Detroit charity, thank you each and every time you enter a Dream Giveaway.

To learn more about Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, visit them online at www.drmm.org.

  Partner Spotlight: Eastwood

Eastwood celebrates 42 years of Supporting the Collector Car Hobby with Free Shipping!

Since 1978, Eastwood has been the DIY Automotive Enthusiasts go-to source for tools, supplies, paints and know-how. Headquartered in the beautiful suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, Eastwood started as a catalog-based business, but has grown into a leader in the automotive e-commerce space (www.eastwood.com). In addition to catalogs and e-commerce, Eastwood has four retail locations: Pottstown, PA, Alsip, IL, Parma, OH, and its newest store in Edison, NJ.

If this is your first time hearing about Eastwood, you may be surprised by the unique selection of tools and products offered. Many of the 4,000+ products that Eastwood sells are designed and developed in-house by its product engineers. “At the end of the day, we’re all a bunch of car guys and girls” said Nick Capinski, Eastwood’s Director of Customer Engagement. “Many of our best products come about because we were working on our own vehicles, encountered a problem, and that put us in search of a better solution.” In 1997, Eastwood launched the first DIY powder coating system, two years ago a scroll compressor that is sized and priced for the DIY hobbyist, and early this summer, a whole new approach to applying primer to a vehicle!

In addition to products, Eastwood offers free technical support via telephone, chat and email. With a wealth of internal knowledge, Eastwood also offers a free YouTube channel that features 2,000 videos – everything from MIG and TIG welding, to painting a car and how to Lead with Gene Winfield.

To learn more about Eastwood or to request a free catalog, visit www.eastwood.com and use code OVER50 for Free Shipping on most orders over $50. Hurry, as this deal is exclusive for Dream Giveaway subscribers and expires on 4/30/2020.

  Winner Announcement: Hellcat Dream Giveaway®

Congratulations to Bill McCoy of Louisiana , the grand-prize winner in the Hellcat Dream Giveaway. We are currently monitoring federal and state Coronavirus guidelines to determine if we may hold the award ceremony here in the Dream Giveaway Garage. We’ll keep you updated on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Good luck to all of you and we hope you are the next big Dream Giveaway grand-prize winner.


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