Every month, Dream Giveaway Garage brings you a behind-the-scenes look at Dream Giveaway® grand-prizes, the charities that benefit from your donation, the companies that help us build the grand-prize cars, and the lucky winners!

  New Giveaway: Camaro Dream Giveaway®

Dream Giveaway’s retrolicous “Summer of ’69” celebration continues with a crazy-cool kick-off starring one of the most ubiquitous muscle cars of the ’60s —a ’69 Camaro. We’re calling it the Camaro Dream Giveaway (clever, huh?), and, when you enter to win, you’ll be in the running for a custom ’69 Camaro plus a matching 720-horsepower 2020 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

This custom ’69 Camaro was reborn to be wild with a 500-horsepower 347ci Chevy LS1 engine, a quick-shifting six-speed manual transmission, Positraction, high-performance 3.73 gears and dual exhaust.

Built by the Dream Giveaway Garage exclusively for this giveaway, this grand-prize Camaro sports a Satin Steel Metallic exterior accented with a blacked-out hood and decklid, Rally Sport hideaway headlights, and a super comfortable bucket-seat interior. It also includes modern upgrades usually seen only on high-dollar restomod restorations like 18-inch performance wheels, four-wheel disc brakes, performance suspension and climate control.

Taking this tire-shredding custom ’69 Camaro and a brand-new 2020 Camaro ZL1 with the coveted 1LE Track Package home with you is easy. Enter now with your generous donation. Eight great charities are counting on you.

Ending Soon: Bandit Dream Giveaway®

Bandit Dream Giveaway Ends In








If your favorite road trip is Texarkana to Atlanta, you prefer the lo-fi chatter of a CB radio over the bandwidth banter of Twitter and your favorite meal is a Diablo sandwich, then listen up because your chance to win the classic ride of your dreams autographed by one of your all-time heroes is drawing to a close.

Of course, we’re talking the Bandit Dream Giveaway and the 1979 Pontiac Trans Am Special Edition autographed by (drumroll, please!) the legendary Burt Reynolds, star of Smokey and the Bandit and a gazillion other movies.

As the former editor of High Performance Pontiac magazine, I can attest that the black-and-gold 1977-1979 Firebird Trans Am Special Editions are some of the most desirable rides in the entire collector-car hobby.

One of the questions frequently asked of us here in the Dream Giveaway Garage is: “How did you guys make sure Reynolds’ autograph won’t wear off of the hood shaker?”

That’s an easy answer, friends. Our friends over at Bandit Movie Cars clear coated the hood shaker so you can enjoy this 36,000 original-mile Trans Am Special Edition to your heart’s content and sleep easy at night knowing that Mr. Reynolds’ incredible autograph is protected against fading.

Don’t wait any longer. Click here ( http://dreamgiveaway.com/tickets/bandit) and get your entries for the Bandit Dream Giveaway before time runs out at midnight (Pacific time) on July 28, 2020. Remember, Dream Giveaway will pay the federal taxes on the prize winnings so you don’t have to.


Winner Spotlight: Bronco Dream Giveaway®

What’s the best part of winning a Dream Giveaway?

“The WHOLE thing is the best part!”

Those are the words right from the mouth of Elizabeth Sorrell of Virginia Beach, VA, the grand-prize winner in the Bronco Dream Giveaway. Elizabeth, who spends her days tending to injured and infirmed animals at a veterinary hospital, has a new equine to tend to, so to speak — a custom ’72 Ford Bronco awarded to her in our first-ever Bronco Dream Giveaway.

I truly think from the moment Chris and Boomer called and the absolute surprise of winning to the excitement of that big, bad boy driving off the [delivery] truck in Virginia!  Most of the DMVs are closed, so I have no tags yet and in two days have put 30 miles on it in my neighborhood!  And truly just the fact that from the beginning I really just thought I was giving to charity, that I never would really win my dream car.”

Here’s some more great words of wisdom for you from this very-thankful winner. “I was the person that didn’t think the winners were real. I have never known anyone to win, so I really just want everyone to know I am real.”

We want you to be the next big Dream Giveaway winner. Head on over to www.dreamgiveaway.com and make a heart-felt donation to win your favorite prize package.

We have a showroom packed full of pulse-pounding muscle-car giveaways ready for you to enter and win — Show and Tow has a ’70 ’Cuda AAR (and a RAM Powerwagon), Shelby has a 2020 GT500 Mustang (and a Shelby F-150), Bandit has a ’79 Trans Am Special Edition, Hurst/Olds has a ’69 Hurst/Olds and Camaro has two high-performance Camaros. We have a prize package for everybody and that includes you at www.dreamgiveaway.com.

  Charity Spotlight: Bright Pink

When you enter to win the world’s greatest prize packages at DreamGiveaway.com, a generous unrestricted grant benefits Bright Pink — a national nonprofit that helps to save lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering women to know their risk and manage their health proactively. They focus on health, not cancer, to inspire women to practice breast- and ovarian-cancer prevention. Their innovative programs, strategic initiatives and powerful partnerships directly reach women in their daily lives and healthcare providers in their daily practice.

By educating young women as well as their healthcare providers, Bright Pink is fostering a supportive healthcare relationship where informed women have proactive conversations with trusted providers on a regular basis. Their unique mix of digital and in-person tactics drives exponential health behavior change.  Here are real stories from real women who have been impacted by Bright Pink’s work.

“I was 13 when my mom found out she was BRCA positive. While at college, I started to feel empowered & curious about my own status. So, at 19 years old, I sought genetic counseling and I found out I was BRCA positive too. Soon after, a mammogram revealed a suspicious lump. I needed to have the lump removed before it was too late.  I had my mastectomy at 20 years old. Bright Pink helped me feel normal and supported. Through this process I realized I was lucky to be armed with information. I believe all women should feel supported and empowered about their health. I believe all women should be their own health advocates. For me, knowing more & applying it to my health journey has meant I have a brighter future.” — Emily Courtney

“My friend had been experiencing back pain & feeling bloated for some time. She went to her doctor, who thought it could be allergies. After an especially bad day, she told me she had to go to the ER. I asked again for her symptoms – back pain, feeling full quickly, loss of appetite, & bloating. I went to my Bright Pink binder to look up symptoms of ovarian cancer. I told her she needed to go to the ER now & ask for a pelvic exam. She called the next day & told me the news. She had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After a year of aggressive treatment & a drug trial, she is doing better. Through Bright Pink’s mission, I’ve been able to practice what I preach by taking their risk reducing steps & incorporating them into my own life. I believe that it was fate that I found Bright Pink, not only for my past, but for my present, and for my future.” — Angie Roscher

Visit www.dreamgiveaway.com today and make a heartfelt donation to enter to win some amazing prize packages. When you do so, you’ll be helping Bright Pink save lives.

  Partner Spotlight: Dirtfish

If your understanding of rally racing comes from watching Burt Reynolds in Cannonball Run, then we have a free update for you. Having a really good time, make that a rally good time, starts with confidence behind the wheel. That’s where our good friends at DirtFish come in.

DirtFish has a mission to inspire, educate, promote, and expand the sport of rallying by engaging automotive enthusiasts globally.

DirtFish was founded in 2010 as a rally driving school. It continues to fulfill its original mission as an organization to become the world’s best rally school, having educated more than 12,000 driving enthusiasts on the skills required to drive a rally car – and control any vehicle on a loose surface – to date.

Headquartered just outside Seattle, Washington, USA, DirtFish has more than 300 acres of property to serve as its rally playground. In addition to the DirtFish Rally School and newly launched DirtFish Media platform, the DirtFish eco-system also includes much, much more.

DirtFish Motorsports is a two-time ARX2 championship-winning team. DirtFish Performance Shop specializes in rally vehicle builds and accessories. DirtFish Merchandise is your source for rally-inspired apparel. DirtFish Events is a global team supporting rallies and events worldwide, large to small. DirtFish Giving is a philanthropic platform dedicated to supporting the Seattle community.

Whether you’re entering our Subaru S209 Dream Giveaway because you want to add rally racing to your extracurricular time or the sport of rally racing gets your heart pumping, be sure to check out DirtFish at www.dirtfish.com and sure to tell them that you read about them in Dream Giveaway’s Shiftin’ Gears.

  Winner Announcement: Mustang Dream Giveaway®

Congratulations to K. Bair of Georgia, the conditional grand-prize winner in the Mustang Dream Giveaway. We are currently monitoring federal and state Coronavirus guidelines to determine if we may hold the award ceremony here in the Dream Giveaway Garage. We’ll keep you updated on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Good luck to all of you and we hope you are the next big Dream Giveaway grand-prize winner.


  About the Editor: Christopher R. Phillip

Christopher R. Phillip is the former senior associate editor of Vette magazine, the editor of High Performance Pontiac magazine and his feature stories and photography have appeared in well known, national automotive-enthusiast magazines, including Hot Rod, Car Craft, Mustang Driver and others. In addition he is a top-rated celebrity interviewer with published articles on Burt Reynolds, Jack LaLanne, Frank Zappa, Carlos Santana, and many others.