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  New Giveaway: GTO Dream Giveaway®

Back in 1963, when Pontiac Assistant General Manager John DeLorean drove home from the GM Proving Grounds with a mid-size LeMans stuffed with a Tri-Power 389ci V-8, it seemed everybody in his neighborhood wanted to know where they could get one. Before you knew it, Pontiac had turned that one-off LeMans into the production GTO and the original muscle-car craze was soon to catch on.

Now, you can bring home one of the country’s finest restored GTOs, which the world’s two largest Pontiac clubs have ever scored. This grand-prize, award-winning 1967 GTO has the looks and the performance that made it a legend of the 1960s, including a 400 High-Output V-8 engine, a four-speed manual transmission, 3.55 gears and dual exhaust.

This grand-prize GTO’s fantastic factory options include a Tyrol Blue exterior over a black vinyl interior, Firestone Wide Oval tires on steel wheels, tinted windshield, and outside remote mirror. Additional accoutrements include power steering, rear defogger, Soft-Ray glass outside remote mirror and rare factory radio-delete.

Taking this tire-shredding ’67 GTO on a permanent joy ride is easy. Enter now with your generous donation. Eight great charities are counting on you.

Ending Soon: Jeep Dream Giveaway®

Jeep Dream Giveaway Ends In








Time is winding down to get your entries for the Jeep Dream Giveaway. The grand-prize is a BLKMTN Stage III Jeep Wrangler brought to you by Dennis Collins of BLKMTN

To give you a head start on where to take your new Jeep once you win it, we turned to Jeep expert Ben Stratton who compiled a Top List of Jeep Off-Road Adventure Spots. Below are some of our favorites from his amazing list:

  1. Cliff’s Insane Terrain (IL) – “This destination got its ‘insane’ name for a reason. While they do have beginner trails, they’re known for their novice to advanced trails that take you through deep muddy ruts, well-marked trails through the forest, steep hills, rocks, and more. Those who’ve driven these trails describe it as ‘gnarly’ and 300 acres of ‘pure insane terrain.’ If you’ve just bought your Jeep new, be prepared for it to get muddy and potentially scraped and banged up. You’ve been warned” (Their words, not ours!)
  2. Laurel Highlands (PA) – “If you’re ready to take a real road trip, head to the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania first. Not only is this area rich with Jeep history and culture (home to the annual JeepFest), but it also offers some amazing off-roading trails you have to try yourself. The trails take you through some rough terrain, so be ready for mud, brush/brambles, trees, rocks, ridge, and more. In a mountainous region of the state, you’ll see some awesome landscape views peeking through the trees, including a number of waterfalls and mountains.”
  3. Old Coast Road (CA) “On the opposite end of the country, Old Coast Road offers a completely different off-roading experience. This dry sandy dirt road takes you on a 10.5-mile drive that will have you on the edge of your seat. Why? The trail is narrow, winding, full of boulders/rocks, and through misty forests that will make you feel like you’re in a fantasy world. While it’s definitely exhilarating, it’s suitable for beginners and experts alike. 
  4. Hell’s Revenge (UT) – “As the name suggests, Hell’s Revenge is a tough one. Thrill-seekers only, we would say. This trail takes you near cliffs, close to ledges, up and down impossibly steep hills, all while you look out over a red and orange desert. This is just one of the many famous trails in Utah, which is considered an off-roading Mecca. While you’re there, check out other famous routes like ‘Cliff Hanger’ and ‘Golden Spike’ for more dare-devil trails.”
  5. Redneck Run Park (FL) – “For our last one, let’s throw in a wild card: The Redneck Run Park in Florida. Almost polar opposite from the dry desert canyons of the west, this off-roading destination is famous for the wet and muddy South Florida environment. Zoom through gigantic mud holes, mud tracks, and muddy ponds. You can take a break from dirtying up your beloved Jeep by heading onto one of their many forest trails. Stick around to see monster truck battles, truck races, and more.”

Don’t wait any longer. Click here (http://dreamgiveaway.com/tickets/jeep) and get your entries to win this BLKMTN Stage III Jeep Wrangler before time runs out at midnight (Pacific time) on August 25, 2020. Remember, Dream Giveaway will pay the federal taxes on the prize winnings so you don’t have to.

Winner Spotlight: Mustang Dream Giveaway®

“It’s a great prize and the car is in show-quality condition. Great job, Dream Giveaway, for selecting quality prizes!”

Those are the words right from the mouth of Ken Bair of Georgia, the grand-prize winner in the Mustang Dream Giveaway, which concluded in June. Ken, a retired Navy vet, is now cruising scenic Southern backroads in a concours-restored 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 just for helping out eight great charities.

“I’ve signed up for various prizes and getaways for many years so it was a total surprise to get a call from Chris saying that I won the Mustang,” he said. “It took several minutes for me to realize that I actually won because I was so surprised.”

Here’s some great words of wisdom for you from this very-thankful winner. “As the old saying goes, ‘You can’t win if YOU don’t enter,’ so if you see a prize that you would like, go ahead and enter, Lord knows, you could win, too!””

We want you to be the next big Dream Giveaway winner. Head on over to www.dreamgiveaway.com and make a heart-felt donation to win your favorite prize package.

We have a showroom packed full of pulse-pounding muscle-car giveaways ready for you to enter and win — Show and Tow has a ’70 ’Cuda AAR (and a RAM Power Wagon), Shelby has a 2020 GT500 Mustang (and a Shelby F-150), GTO has a ’67 GTO, Hurst/Olds has a ’69 Hurst/Olds and Camaro has two high-performance Camaros. We have a prize package for everybody and that includes you at www.dreamgiveaway.com.

  Charity Spotlight: Smile Network International

When you enter to win the world’s greatest prize packages at DreamGiveaway.com, a generous unrestricted grant benefits Smile Network, International — a national nonprofit that helps children in developing countries who are affected by cleft lip or cleft palate birth defects.

In developing countries, a child born with a cleft is often times considered a curse. It is believed that crops and livestock will die as a result of the presence of a cursed child in a village. Read on to learn how Smile Network International, in their own words, changes children’s lives one amazing surgery at a time.

On the outskirts of a little town in Mexico, we met Deborah and her parents. Deborah’s parents were farm laborers and very poor. When Deborah was born, the local villagers learned of her cleft lip and they became fearful of what would become of their farms and livelihoods.  The villagers gave Deborah’s parents a choice: leave Deborah to die in a field or abandon the only life they had ever known. 

Forced to relocate, the family found shelter adjacent to the town’s public trash incinerator. Deborah’s father took a job shoveling the trash that was dumped daily in front of his home. In exchange for his labor, he was provided a 10×10 room with a dirt floor. The family had no plumbing or electricity and the incinerator’s toxic fumes and black smoke backed into their room as the garbage burned around the clock. 

Deborah’s parents were hard working and hoped for a better life. When asked what they hoped their daughter’s future would hold, Deborah’s mother replied, “My hope is that Deborah will someday find a man who will marry her and be good to her.” Deborah’s father, on the other hand, had much bigger dreams for his daughter. Tearfully he shared that in addition to finding someone who would love her, he wanted Deborah to have a fate different than his own. He hoped someday she would be a business owner so she would never have to rely on anyone but herself.

The medical team from Smile Network was moved by the story of this family and wanted to provide them with a brighter future. Not only did Deborah receive the gift of a new smile but the team of volunteer doctors restored joy and dignity to her life.

For just $500, Smile Network is able to provide the gift of a smile to a child like Deborah. This work is made possible because of the generosity of private donors and Dream Giveaway which has sponsored hundreds of children over the years. 

A few short months after Deborah’s surgery, we returned to the place where we had first met the family.  We found an adorable thriving little girl and parents who were filled with hope about the possibilities Deborah’s future holds.

To learn more about Smile Network, go to www.smilenetwork.org or call (612) 377-1800.

Visit www.dreamgiveaway.com today and make a heartfelt donation to enter to win some amazing prize packages. When you do so, you’ll be helping Smile Network International bring the smile back to the faces of children who require cleft lip or cleft palate repair surgeries in developing countries.

  Partner Spotlight: Evans Coolant

Keeping the grand-prize cars operating at their coolest is a top priority here at the Dream Giveaway and for that we turn to our partner Evans Coolant.

Evans Waterless High Performance Coolant is the only waterless coolant available and offers benefits far beyond the capabilities of 50/50 coolants.  With a boiling point of 375°F degrees, Evans will not form vapor, build pressure, or boil out.  For cold storage, Evans protects down to -40°F, preventing damage caused by freeze burst.

Traditional coolants begin to develop vapor pockets at lower temperatures, pushing the coolant away from the engine metals, and increase the potential for hot spots.  Evans virtually eliminates vapor in your engine, preventing high system pressure and burst hoses. Evans maintains constant liquid-to-metal contact and will continue to transfer heat, even under extreme conditions, and performs well past the failure point of traditional coolants.  Evans is NHRA approved and is a competitive advantage for racers.

The lack of water in Evans Coolant also prevents corrosion and electrolysis, and helps prolong the life of radiators, water pumps and all other internal cooling system components.

Whether enhancing performance or preserving a classic car, Evans is the choice of racers, well-known collectors and museums such as Jay Leno’s Garage, the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum, the American Muscle Car Museum, and many others for long term protection.   To learn more about Evans Waterless Coolants go to www.evanscoolant.com. Be sure to tell them that you read about them in Dream Giveaway’s Shiftin’ Gears.

  Winner Announcement: Bandit Dream Giveaway®

Congratulations to Michael Ingebrigtsen of Wantagh, NY, the grand-prize winner in the Bandit Dream Giveaway. We are currently monitoring federal and state Coronavirus guidelines and have decided not to hold an award ceremony for this particular giveaway. We’ll keep you updated on our Facebook and Instagram pages regarding future giveaways and their respective award ceremonies. Good luck to all of you and we hope you are the next big Dream Giveaway grand-prize winner. 
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