Every month, Dream Giveaway Garage brings you a behind-the-scenes look at Dream Giveaway® grand-prizes, the charities that benefit from your donation, the companies that help us build the grand-prize cars, and the lucky winners!

  New Giveaway: Corvette Dream Giveaway®

Motor Trend named it the “Car of the Year.” Car and Driver described it as “more than the best Corvette ever!” Now, the Corvette the entire world has been craving for can be yours.

Or, perhaps we should say: Two Corvettes!

That’s right, it’s that time again, the launch of all-new Corvette Dream Giveaway brought to you by Continental Tires, and the prize package this year is so incredible that you don’t want to miss out.

How incredible?

This ground-pounding grand-prize package starts with a Lingenfelter-prepped 2021 Corvette Stingray pumping out nearly 600 horsepower. Plus, if you have the lucky ticket, the Dream Giveaway Garage will also hand you the keys to a no-expense-spared custom ’61 Corvette, which cost over $250,000 to build. And just like all our grand-prize packages, the taxes are on us … $43,000!
Here’s some quick pointers on the two cars.

The 2021 Stingray includes no less than 22 extra-cost factory options including the Z51 Performance Package and FE5 Performance Suspension with Magnetic Selective Ride Control, and an MSRP of more than $93,000.

The ’61 Corvette comes with a 525hp, fuel-injected V-8 engine, a six-speed manual gearbox, power windows, steering and brakes, a Corvette Corrections chassis, air conditioning, adjustable coilovers on 19-inch Budnik wheels. Less than 100 miles have been put on this classic Corvette since its restoration was completed in 2020.

Both grand-prize Corvettes ride on specially selected performance Continental tires

To quote Boomer in the Dream Giveaway Garage, “Enter early and enter often!”

Two Corvettes to one winner — that’s the way we kick 2021 off in high style in the Dream Giveaway Garage.

Ending Soon: Subaru S209 Dream Giveaway®

Subaru S209 Dream Giveaway Ends In








341 horsepower • 6-speed manual • Showroom stock to racetrack with no alterations!

That’s the story of the 1-of-209 Subaru S209 that you can bring home as the grand prize in the Subaru S209 Dream Giveaway.

Our friends at Motor Trend spent some time with the limited edition S209 and here’s what they had to say:

“The car delivers a visceral, engaging driving experience that’s ever rarer in this increasingly digitized and electrified world. It demands and rewards your focus, goading you to dig deeper and work harder. If you want this analog thrill before it’s lost to kilowatts and computers, act immediately: Only 209 S209s will ever be built.”

Bradley Iger, an editor for Hot Rod, feels the same way about the Subaru S209:

“We put this Crystal White Pearl beauty through its paces on the twisting tarmac of the San Gabriel Mountains, just northeast of Los Angeles.

“The S209 is the kind of vehicle that makes you want to take the long way home or head back out on the track for just one more session, and that is the hallmark of a truly great performance car.

It took more than 20 years to bring an S car model to American shores, and the S209 proves that good things do, indeed, come to those who wait.”

We think you’ll agree with these auto-magazine editors that this grand prize is one of the most fun vehicles you could ever experience and we want you to be one of the few folks in the entire country to own a S209. They’re sold out at dealers so make your donation today to help out eight great charities. The countdown clock shown here tells you how many days, hours and minutes remain to get your entries.

Fresh From Our News Desk: Weekly Bonus Winner

Did you know that we add a new grand-prize a month for a total of 12 grand-prize packages every year?

That’s just the start of some of the great new changes – all to help you win more at www.dreamgiveaway.com

Here’s our newest announcement – bonus prizes. Every week, we will draw one random winner for a special prize selected by our great promotional partners. So far this month, we gave away a $250 gift card to AirBedz and a $250 VISA gift card.

Every Monday morning, we’ll list the week’s bonus-prize package on our website. Just look for the blue tab that reads, “WEEKLY” and click to see the prize.

Every time from Monday to Sunday you enter to win any our grand-prize giveaways, you’ll be automatically entered into the bonus-prize drawing. Every Monday, it’s a new bonus prize and your chance to enter again before Sunday to win that prize!

Winning a bonus prize does not affect your eligibility to win a grand-prize so be sure to get your donations in EVERY week!

We announce bonus prize winners every Monday at www.dreamgiveaway.com.

More ways to win! Learn more at www.dreamgiveaway.com/weekly.

  Partner Spotlight: Odyssey Batteries

Every day should get off to a great start, right? That’s why Dream Giveaway Garage trusts Odyssey Batteries for our grand-prize vehicles. Our latest in-house vehicles upgraded to Odyssey batteries include the 69½ Dodge Super Bee, the big-block ’66 Chevrolet Impala and the custom ’61 Corvette.

If you don’t yet have an Odyssey battery in your personal vehicles, now is a great time to make the changeover. No matter where your journey takes you, the Odyssey Battery has the power and endurance to get you there and back! It’s the one battery built with Pure Guts!

Odyssey Batteries outperform and outlast conventional batteries with up to twice the cranking power and up to three times longer life. That’s because Odyssey batteries use advanced Thin Plate Pure Lead Technology, or TPPL, making the plates much thinner so that each battery contains more plates per cell. In fact, Odyssey Batteries have up to 18-percent more plate surface than conventional or spiral wound batteries. More plates equals more power leading to more life.

The dry cell Absorbed Glass Mat design of Odyssey batteries delivers virtually maintenance-free performance while providing extreme vibration resistance. It rolls with the curves and cushions the shocks or blows of any challenge without worry.

In addition, Odyssey batteries are sealed and never require watering. They can be mounted in any position – except inverted – to fit in tight spaces or within unconventional applications.

Odyssey batteries feature a three- to 10-year service life and two-year storage life at 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius). They are vibration resistant, classified as “non-spillable” by the U.S. Department of Transportation and include a limited two- to four-year full replacement warranty.

Take our word for it. Don’t go on your next odyssey without an Odyssey battery. Connect with Odyssey Battery on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. For more details, including free shipping on orders over $50, visit www.odysseybattery.com. Please tell them that you heard about them in Dream Giveaway’s Shiftin’ Gears.

  Winner Announcement: Shelby Dream Giveaway®

Congratulations to John Hilmi of Texas, the grand-prize winner in the Shelby Dream Giveaway. Next month’s winner announcement will be the Subaru S209 on March 11th. Good luck to all of you and we hope you are the next big Dream Giveaway grand-prize winner.

  Charity Spotlight: Bright Pink

When you donate to win any of our great grand-prizes, a portion of your donation supports Bright Pink, a long-time Dream Giveaway charity grantee. We recently checked in with this worthwhile non-profit organization and asked them to share their prospects for 2021.

Here’s what they say:

“Happy New Year! After a year like 2020, Bright Pink believes we have the opportunity for new hope and new beginnings. At Bright Pink, we are dedicating 2021 to you, yours, and ours. Throughout the course of the year, we will make sure that you, those you love, and all women – no matter their circumstance – have the information, tools, and support they need to take charge of their breast and ovarian health.

“Bright Pink wants to thank Dream Giveaway for their continued support and help in reaching these incredible milestones in 2020.
• 1.7-million-plus women have assessed their cancer risk with our accessible digital quiz!
• 600,000-plus women have learned they are at elevated risk for cancer!
• 30,000-plus women have committed to being proactive with their health!

“Dream Giveaway & Bright Pink made a difference!

“Bright Pink believes that every month of 2021 will become progressively brighter. But today, we are in the throes of a devastating pandemic. That makes self-care and living healthy that much more important. We know that women have been delaying their annual exam and mammograms since the pandemic hit, and we need to get them back on track. So on behalf of the Bright Pink team, thank you for supporting these efforts in 2020 and continuing to help us do this important work in 2021.”

  About the Editor: Christopher R. Phillip

Christopher R. Phillip is the former senior associate editor of Vette magazine, the editor of High Performance Pontiac magazine and his feature stories and photography have appeared in well known, national automotive-enthusiast magazines, including Hot Rod, Car Craft, Mustang Driver and others. In addition he is a top-rated celebrity interviewer with published articles on Burt Reynolds, Jack LaLanne, Frank Zappa, Carlos Santana, and many others.