Every month, Dream Giveaway Garage brings you a behind-the-scenes look at Dream Giveaway® grand-prizes, the charities that benefit from your donation, the companies that help us build the grand-prize cars, and the lucky winners!

  New Giveaway: Camaro Dream Giveaway®

Chevrolet’s been building Camaros for 56 years, but no Camaro sits higher on everybody’s “got to have” list than the legendary 1969 Camaro Super Sport.

So, we found a red-on-red ’69 Camaro SS350 fresh off a bumper-to-bumper restoration and waiting for you to turn its key.

This magnificent muscle car looks great in the Dream Giveaway Garage but it will look even better in your driveway. We have it filled up with premium fuel and ready to rock your Saturday night cruise, your Sunday cars and coffee … and your whole week.

This classic ’69 Camaro Super Sport is the real deal. It comes with its original window sticker, owner’s manual, dealer’s pre-delivery checklist and warranty card.

The turnkey restoration includes over $20,000 of engine-performance upgrades, plus show-quality paint, a mint interior, the mighty stopping power of drilled and slotted disc brakes and the ride and handling of classic Wide Oval tires on 15-inch Chevy Rally wheels.

If you’re ready to open your garage and find this 1969 Camaro SS350 waiting for you to turn its key, then enter now. Plus, we will pay out $10,000 for the taxes so you don’t have to.

Ending Soon: Classic Corvette Dream Giveaway®

Classic Corvette Dream Giveaway Ends In








Big-block 427ci V-8. Four-speed. Positraction.
Sounds like the start of a great relationship, doesn’t it?
That’s why you need to get your entries in now to win our Ermine White ’66 Corvette Sting Ray convertible, which ends in a few days.
Here’s some interesting tidbits about 1966 Corvette production:
Chevrolet produced over 27,000 Sting Rays that year. Convertibles outsold hardtops nearly two to one.

A total of 5,116 buyers opted for the L36 427ci/390hp big-block engine.

Power steering and brakes were neck to neck in popularity with 5,611 and 5,464 Corvettes equipped with each of those options, respectively.

Air conditioning was a premium accessory and it cost more than the high-performance big-block engine. Only 3,520 ’66 Corvettes had factory A/C and most of those were 327ci/350hp small-block cars. Finding a Sting Ray convertible with a big-block engine and air conditioning is very rare, but our grand-prize car has both!

Our grand-prize ’66 Corvette also comes with an auxiliary hardtop, teak steering wheel, side exhaust and, in total, nearly $2,000 of extra-cost factory options.

The countdown clock is ticking. Get your entries now before time runs out at midnight on July 27, 2021.

Meet The Winner: Hellcat Dream Giveaway

“The best part of winning was actually, finally, seeing the car parked in my driveway.”

Those are the eloquent sentiments of Edward Spooner, the lucky winner of the Hellcat Dream Giveaway. Ed now has one of the most significant muscle cars of the 21st Century chilling in his garage and he has Dream Giveaway to thank for that.

Ed is 68 years old, a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard and a career mailhandler for the U.S. Postal Service and has been now for 21 years. In his spare time he enjoys working around the house, watching sports on TV and live, watching a good movie and attending concerts.

“All at work couldn’t believe I won the [Hellcat] so I had to park it in front of the building and do a show and tell. They all thought the car is awesome and congratulated me. I explained to them how I won and it was all for charity. I told them about Dream Giveaway and what you are all about. Many of them went to your web site, did some reading and many have bought tickets,” he said.

Now it is your turn to do your part and hopefully join Dream Giveaway’s list of winners from all over the United States.

We have the Dream Giveaway Garage packed with amazing grand prizes ready for you to enter and win — two matching Corvettes, two matching Mach 1 Mustangs, two matching Hellcats, a classic Sting Ray, a 640hp Cadillac CTS-V, a 427ci/425hp ’66 Impala, a ’69½ Super Bee a 778 horsepower Tesla Model S and more. See all of our prize packages at www.dreamgiveaway.com.

  Partner Spotlight: Dr. ColorChip


Let’s face it. Even the nicest cars can need a paint chip touchup. That’s why we here at the Dream Giveaway Garage count on the great products from Dr. ColorChip and whether your daily driver or your prized classic car gets a paint chip, we want you to trust Dr. ColorChip just like we do.


Dr. ColorChip is the #1 choice in the United States for automotive paint chip repair. Twenty years of experience and a guaranteed color match gives customers piece of mind when placing their order.  The company’s mission remains to provide its global partners in the touch-up repair space a competitive edge with state-of-the-art technology for superior repairs.


Keep your daily driver, track car or touring car paint’s finish looking like new with the industry leading Dr. ColorChip paint chip repair process. After a long tour through the mountains, a day at the track, or driving through a construction zone, touch up those unsightly stone chips and minor paint defects with the proven Dr. ColorChip stone and scratch chip repair system.  Each kit is custom made with guaranteed OEM Factory matched paint and everything needed to create professional repairs on your car.


Shop now at www.drcolorchip.com. Use Code DreamCar2021 at checkout and receive 15% Off your order.


  Winner Announcement: GTO Dream Giveaway®

Congratulations Anthony D. of Ontario, Canada, the grand-prize winner in the GTO Dream Giveaway. Next month’s winner announcement will be the ’66 Corvette on August 12, 2021. Good luck to all of you and we hope you are the next big Dream Giveaway grand-prize winner.

  Charity Spotlight: Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries

Each and every time you make a donation to win a fantastic prize in the Dream Giveaway Garage, you are helping out Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM), one of nine charities we support. We recently checked in with DRMM for a community update.

An unfortunate event like house foreclosure, severe storm, serious medical condition or loss of job can easily make a stable and self-reliant family slide into hardship.

And that’s what happened to Casandra Lewis of Eastpoint, a suburb of Detroit, and her family who until about two years ago were doing ok.

Casandra was employed and doing her utmost to make ends meet.

Then she got pregnant and had to quit her physically demanding job. Soon, she had her baby boy, bringing lots of joy to the family. But the joy was cut short when her husband underwent a shoulder surgery that made it impossible for him to work.

Their social safety net kicked in but all it could pay for were their rent and utilities. They had to look elsewhere for baby needs and food items for the whole family.

That’s when they turned to Detroit Rescue Mission’s Lighthouse Food Bank in nearby Roseville. “Lighthouse has been a life-saver with the food and other essential items they provided us,” she enthused, adding that she was looking forward to going back to work as soon as possible.

Each month, as many as 900 families benefit from free food and other essential items given away at Lighthouse Food Bank in Roseville Michigan, thanks to Detroit Rescue Mission and its kind-hearted donors.


Learn more about Motor City’s fantastic charity at www.drmm.org.

  About the Editor: Christopher R. Phillip

Christopher R. Phillip is the former senior associate editor of Vette magazine, the editor of High Performance Pontiac magazine and his feature stories and photography have appeared in well known, national automotive-enthusiast magazines, including Hot Rod, Car Craft, Mustang Driver and others. In addition he is a top-rated celebrity interviewer with published articles on Burt Reynolds, Jack LaLanne, Frank Zappa, Carlos Santana, and many others.