New Giveaway: Cadillac Dream Giveaway®

Most. Powerful. Cadillac. Ever. (And its name is really cool, too.)

We’re talking the brand-new Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing, the performance-bred Cadillac super sedan powered by a supercharged, 668-horsepower Corvette V-8 engine from the factory.

You spoke and we answered. You loved our previous Cadillac giveaway and asked how long until we would give away another one. So, we talked Cadillac into getting us this Launch Edition Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing, which was limited to 250 vehicles. (This is number 65.) The sticker price was $107,100.

This grand-prize Cadillac Blackwing includes a custom graphics package from the Dream Giveaway Garage and our partners, including Blackwing shoutouts on the doors and custom badging. Plus, Continental Tire supplied ExtremeContact tires for the vehicle.

And if that weren’t enough, we’ll also pay out $29,000 for the taxes if you’re the winner.

The keys. The title. The Cadillac Blackwing. It can all be yours in the all-new Cadillac Dream Giveaway. Enter now.

Ending Soon: 440/Six-Pack Super Bee Dream Giveaway®

Super Bee Dream Giveaway Ends In








Only a dyed-in-the-wool muscle car fanatic would shout out their favorite year with a half – as in ’69½!

That’s when Dodge broke all the rules and put a 440/Six-Pack engine in a Coronet body and called it the “Lift Off Hood” Super Bee!

Only 1,907 of these very special Super Bees rolled out of Detroit – all with a fire-breathing, 390hp 440ci big-block Mopar engine, either a Torqueflight 727 three-speed auto or a four-speed manual, and 4.10 rear gears. They also all came sans the steel hood, hood hinges and hubcaps you’d expect on a muscle car. Heck, it sure sounds to us like Dodge wanted new 440/Six-Pack Super Bee owners to go fast in a straight line!

So, when we found one of these legendary 440/Six Pack Super Bees with a mere 27,000 miles on the odometer and a jaw-dropping frame-off restoration, we knew it belonged in one place only … your garage.

Time is running out for you enter to win this legendary Mopar muscle machine. The countdown clock is ticking. Get your entries now before time runs out at midnight on November 30, 2021. If you’re the winner we will also pay out $15,000 for the taxes.

Meet The Winner: Big Diesel Truck Dream Giveaway®

“This can’t be real! I can’t be this lucky! I don’t have to have a big truck payment! I don’t have to sell my Jeep!”

That’s how Michael O. of Illinois says he felt when he learned he was our newest grand-prize winner. The 50-year-old ex-Marine recently drove out of the Dream Giveaway Garage in the driver’s seat of a shiny new 2020 GMC Sierra 3500 HD Denali 4×4. The keys. The title. The truck. All his.

“I actually won the truck I’ve been wanting to buy, but couldn’t afford. And, some great charities benefited at the same time,” he says.

Michael enjoys “spending time with my kids who recently moved back home, and working on my house. I also like traveling and camping, so this truck will enable me to get a camper large enough for the whole family.”

Now it is your turn to help our nine great charities for a chance at becoming a big Dream Giveaway winner.

We have the Dream Giveaway Garage packed with amazing grand prizes ready for you to enter and win — two matching Corvettes, two matching Mach 1 Mustangs, three amazing Hellcats, a, a ’69½ Super Bee, a 778 horsepower Tesla Model S, a 668-horsepower Cadillac Blackwing and more. See all of our prize packages at

  Winner Announcement: Impala Dream Giveaway®

Congratulations to Paul F. of Indiana, the grand-prize winner in the Impala Dream Giveaway. Next month’s winner announcement will be the 440/Six-Pack Dodge Super Bee on December 16, 2021. Good luck to all of you and we hope you are the next big Dream Giveaway grand-prize winner.

  Charity Spotlight: Smile Network

In the face of the ongoing COVID crisis and social disruption, many of our dedicated medical volunteers were called into service to fight the pandemic. But we couldn’t just watch from the sidelines. We responded by distributing thousands of units of personal protection equipment to hospitals, nursing homes, and local clinics to protect vulnerable populations and our frontline heroes.

Our surgical teams remained grounded, forcing a suspension of our surgical missions. Our international partners running small clinics faced threats of shortages and closures. Our partners in Guatemala delayed surgeries for the 300 children on their waiting list.

The Smile Network Board of Directors, as fiduciaries, began to strategize the “what ifs” if the pandemic continued, and committed to focusing on a more local crisis. We acknowledged that while our mission is to serve disparate communities abroad, underserved communities still exist at home. We redefined our goals while staying true to our mission of providing surgical care and other related health support to the impoverished.

As we move into the new year, we’re focused on providing dental care to marginalized individuals in the U.S. in conjunction with our traditional surgical campaigns. There is much to be done and we will keep you informed as the work progresses.

Additionally, we will be returning to our international work with the first of four surgical missions to Guatemala in 2022, where the list of children waiting for surgeries has grown to more than 700. As long as it takes, we will remain committed, so that no child is forgotten.

Now more than ever, we’re so grateful for the Dream Giveaway community that has helped us continue the work of Smile Network.

  Partner Spotlight: RECOIL- Get Three Free Issues

RECOIL: Advocates for Personal Safety
by offering 3 Free Digital Issues

Since launching in Jan 2012, RECOIL’s mission has been to make firearms less intimidating, to make the subject more accessible to anyone wanting to be responsible for personal safety.

By presenting non-biased and easy-to-read reviews of firearms, gear, and training tactics, RECOIL is celebrating 10 years of Second Amendment education and personal safety.

To CELEBRATE, RECOIL is offering 3 free digital issues to anyone wanting to get educated on the firearms lifestyle. 

More than ever, the pandemic has brought personal safety to the foreground.  More than ever, call for defunding law enforcement has seen crime rates skyrocket across the country. All this motivates us to continue with our mission:  To make firearms less intimidating and personal safety more accessible. 

Grab your 3 free digital issues to help you get educated on who, what, where, when and how.

Click here to claim your 3 free digital issues.


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